What are the court prices in Sheffield?

This website lists all current prices for all venues, both for individual courts and annual parks tennis passes, up to and including 5th April 2021, after which a price increase takes effect.

Courts at Bingham Park, Forge Valley School, Graves Park, Millhouses Park, Thorncliffe Recreation Ground and Westfield School are priced at £6 per court from 6th April 2021, or £1.50 per person for a game of doubles.

Courts at High Hazels Park, Hillsborough Park and Weston Park are priced at £5 per court from 6th April 2021, or £1.25 per person for a game of doubles.

Annual parks tennis passes can be purchased for more frequent players to get even better value for money. These are offered in 3 tiers:

  • Game: 10 court hours for £35, from 6th April 2021
  • Set: 25 court hours for £60, from 6th April 2021
  • Match: 50 court hours for £85, from 6th April 2021

How are prices set?

Sheffield City Council sets all prices and reviews them annually.

When was the last court price increase?

The last court price increase was in 2016. The above price increase represents an annual increase of between 3.7% and 4.6%.

Why have prices increased?

As a city, Sheffield has been fortunate to have received investment in excess of £350k in public tennis facilities since 2015. Parks Tennis CIC, a Community Interest Company trading as Premier Tennis, operates in order to safeguard the future of these public tennis courts, in partnership with Sheffield City Council and the Lawn Tennis Association. Since leisure is not a Local Authority statutory service, and future funding cannot be guaranteed, capital must be raised for ongoing maintenance and for the future upgrading/replacement of surfaces, nets, fences and gates. Prices are set at a level that reflect good value (a game of doubles can cost around 40 pence each) whilst enabling the long-term sustainability of these much valued public facilities. The courts at Graves Park, High Hazels Park and Weston Park are being deep cleaned and repainted in April 2021, and other courts will continue to be maintained on a rolling basis.

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